Testimonials has never been better!

Sell My Damaged Car has been helping different areas around Alberta for many years and our service is going strong! Our Experts bring many years of experience in the industry.

Our Damaged Car Experts have helping customers in the Edmonton area for a very long time in fact over 5 years. We service from Calmar, Beaumont, Sunnybrook, Millet, and all surrounding areas. Below are some testimonials from our satisfied customers.

John Smith

“I had been trying to sell my car for months but no one wanted to buy it because it was not running. I called Junk Car Buyers of Austin and they came to pickup my junk car that same day. They were friendly and gave me a reasonable amount of cash for my car and removed it with no hassle to me.”

Susan Diego

“Our car broke down and it would’ve cost more to repair than the car was worth. I found Sell My Damaged Car online. They offered a fair price. Instead of spending a bunch of money to try and fix it, I ended up with some cash in my hand.”

Dave Sussex

“I had been in an accident and my car needed a lot of expensive bodywork and alignment work done. The car just wasn’t worth saving. I called around to different car buyers in the Edmonton area and Sell My Damaged Car offered the best price. Thanks so much guys!”

For more information please look us up at Sell My Damaged Car we are open for business six days a week from 9 am to 6 pm. This allows us to reach more customers and purchase more vehicles.

Call us for your free no obligation quote that we will stick to. Yes, we stick to our quote that we offer you. There is no changing our quote once we arrive at your vehicle’s location.

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Our Damaged Car Experts Believe in Customer Service

At Sell My Damaged Car in Edmonton, we are your greater Alberta area damaged car experts. We know how to save you time, money, and energy when selling your unwanted cars. We pride ourselves on staying on top of going rates and knowing exactly how much your car is worth, and paying you the highest possible amount.

We value our customers and will work to make sure that you are happy and have a hassle-free experience.  Our reputation is built on happy customers and we will work to see you satisfied.

If you have a damaged or scrap car you would like us to buy, simply pick up the phone and call Sell My Damaged Car. We will help you turn your unwanted car into cash.